The 3rd Beijing Bloggers Party was definitely our first international bloggers party! Even if the French bloggers were most numerous, we met new foreign friends and we hope to see them back at the 4rth.

Just as reminder, what is a bloggers party?
Some webmasters meeting, drinking mojitos and talking about software updates and how to improve their editorial contents? nope ... Lonely Planets, dying to show their photographs of Great Wall and desperately looking for a couch to sleep in? nope again.
First, we call that a bloggers party because it happens to be organized by bloggers (who happen to be French).
Since a blog draws a community, we can positively say that a bloggers party is mixing communities.
That is why a BBP is a free party open to everybody, bloggers or not, readers or not, the occasion to meet and talk with people living in the same city as you. And last but not least, the occasion to go to a trendy spot in the city. This time it was the Drum and Bell, between the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower, we say Gulou to the taxi driver to get there. Next time it will be in a place that has not opened yet ...

Who came?
I won't list everybody but we'd like to make a special thanks to the followings:
Helene Liu from Radio 774 and her friend.
Vivi Lin from Reuters.
I had a great conversation with Jiang Cheng Ting (her English name is Ashe). She told me why Chinese couples love to go the Aegean sea (because in chinese we say 爱琴海, aiqinhai) and why Shanghai girls are thrilled to go to Paris, more than Beijing girls (because Shanghai's trees and Paris'platanes look the same).
Talking with Christopher, the not-yet-but-soon-american-blogger, was great too. I taught him how we say blog in french, em ... blog. Well, we could not make better!
We also had the pleasure to meet Brendan, who is American and blogs in chinese. Sorry Brendan, I totally messed up the recording while I was talking with you, just have a few seconds to put on the video.
And Maciej, the Polish writer of Idle Words, was not that lucky as I completely forgot to press the recording button of my camera. Sorry about that! Maciej is also a talented painter.
I also discovered how it sounds like to speak french with a
Chinese guy who has a Swiss accent, Bin.

On the French side
We met Olivier, Benjamin and Arnaud who are about to open a French style bar in Houhai, in August. We hope they will welcome the 4rth BBP in early September. Keep your eyes opened on our blogs, to know when the Baie des Anges opening is, it will definitely be THE place to go (ok, the guys are cute)
The always-there-team was almost complete:
Hesiem, Matt, Cris, Magali, Estelle, Isamu, JS, me ... Vince, Bruce, Gloria, Loan, MAlfred, Emmanuel were there too. And Hefeng, and Blandine, and Renaud and and and ... so many people.

Thank you all, and see you next time!